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Though our strong point is focused on international freight, it is not implied that we lose attention for domestic goods transportation. In contrary, NPCO is greatly aware of this demand.

Our fleet of low loaders, heavy trucks, trailers, and specialized trucks for customers’ requirement, combined with thousands of kilometers of warehouses throughout domestic ports in all cities and provinces, we are highly confident in providing this service for your highest satisfaction.

In general, NPCO has performed all-inclusive services of warehousing, packaging, and domestic transportation as follows:

  1. Organization of goods transportation to warehouses and execution of custom procedures (per request)
  2. Unloading, storaging, packaging (per request)
  3. Loading of goods to low loader trucks, distributing to designated destinations and collection of all vouchers necessary for accounting.                                                                                                        Additionally, in combining multimodal transport with container transportation, our customers at any location can execute goods distribution orders in a perfect manner to save operational costs, using NPCO’s service.