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You are warmly welcome to NGO PHAT TS CO, LTD (NPCO), founded by experts with years of experience in domesticall and international transportation as well as goods delivery service. NPCO with well-trained, professionally proficient and enthusiastic...

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We are proud to offer you the best service of storage for your goods (including personal warehouses, warehouses at ports, and outbound warehouses) until they are securely delivered to your partners
NPCO is always ready to provide multimodal transportation service when customers require having their goods transported by seaways such as: domestical and international transportation, consolidation freight...
This service deliver the goods directly to the consignees without requiring them to arrive at ports or visiting agents.
Though our strong point is focused on international freight, it is not implied that we lose attention for domestic goods transportation. In contrary, NPCO is greatly aware of this demand.